The main aim of our institution is to motivate and equip the students with nursing aptitudes in the rural areas so as to empower them and to bring up the standards of society and thereby achieve physical, mental, social and spiritual health of the people.
    This trust is formed on the memory of the philanthropist and visionary late    Mr. J.Austin with the motto of “ Love your neighbor as you  love yourself ”. The main objective of the Annammal Colleg of Nursing is to impart he health care facilities with human face and instill the attitude of providing tender loving care with empathy and compassion to the needy and sick people .
    The students of this institution are motivated and educated to serve and discharge their duties with love and compassion as God loves the world and as they do it for themselves and for their family members. We also endeavor to bring up the deserving candidates especially from rural areas irrespective of caste, creed or religion to render quality care to the sick.
    In this southern part of our country with high literacy rate and mental aptitude for this professional course, this institution will be able to educate and produce nurses of high standard and quality with homely and spiritual atmosphere. This institution will strive hard for the comprehensive development of the nursing students as a person by developing their skills, attitudes and character and the students will be taught and trained to uphold the dignity and divinity of nursing profession as shown by the lady with a lamp, Florence Nightingale and also Mrs.Annammal and to mould them as a socially relevant, spiritually alive and professionally competent nursing personal in this world. The achieve this and keep them physically fit, time and facilities for sports and games will be provided along with moral and spiritual education.